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Tokyo Named Safest City in the World

In the Economist’s latest report on city safety, Safe Cities Index 2017, Tokyo has claimed the top spot. Covering 60 cities, the Economist ranks cities on a number of issues crucial for keeping citizens safe.

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Waze’s Real-Time Emergency Service Alerts

Drivers and passengers can now get incident locations and warnings when firefighterss, police, and EMS are on the scene and reroute their trip plus help keep first-responders safe via greater awareness.

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Ford Launches “Smart Benches” for Cities

In London and your battery or data ran out? Not to worry, Ford’s smart benches are there to help.

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Aarhus’ Bluetooth Sensors are Improving Traffic

The second largest city in Denmark has been using Bluetooth sensors for a few years now. The sensors are placed strategically around the city to allow city officials to see real-time traffic information including driving times, speed, dwell times and flows.

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