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Smart City Project in Lisbon in Partnership With NEC

The historic Portuguese capital has entered into a partnership with NEC to accomplish a new smart city project. With this smart city project, both parties hope to improve the city’s services and ultimately improve citizens’ quality of life.

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Smart Cities Bring Along Hacking Risks

With technological developments comes along vulnerability and risks. Due to the increase in technology cities have become more vulnerable to hacking and cyber attacks.

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Smart Cities 3.0

The use of technology enables governments to make their cities smarter, safer and more responsive to the needs of its citizens. The adoption of smart cities by local governments has brought along an evolution in the term and what it contains.

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Fujisawa: A New Type of Smart City

Panasonic has just inaugurated a town in the surroundings of Tokyo, that is experimenting with sustainable designs. The city is called Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town and features homes that make use of solar panels, batteries for energy storing, LED lighting, ride-sharing services, and a community center.

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