It is well known, citizens create the life of a city.
They drive growth and have the rights and responsibilities to take care of natural and man-made environments.
We all are dealing with challenges in cities, from traffic, parking issues, air pollution, to searching for safe places to walk on.

The real question is how can we improve our situation?

Share public spaces: make public spaces safer and friendlier for all of us.

Streets, sidewalks, parks…cars everywhere!
We could lower the use of our private cars, in order to leave someone else’s space free.
This is the best way to reduce the number of vehicles on city streets.
Let’s give it a try and take public transportation more often just to see the effects.
We can also avoid parking on sidewalks. It is not just a matter of education.
Respecting “slow-down” signs and all other traffic signs will also make city spaces safer.

Add green spaces to the city: connect with real life.

Making city’s surroundings greener is a good way to improve it!
In fact, human beings seem to be in need of reconnecting with natural environments and other forms of life. It is easy and every citizen can do it: urban gardens, bio-walls, potted plants, patches of grass. They all help build up an urban ecosystem and better living conditions for all of us.

Walk more, bike more: streets are public spaces that need to be shared.

Do you really know your environment?
Citizens would be surprised to discover how little they know about the city they live in if they keep driving in cars or staying at home.
Try to sketch out your city; can you draw the major streets and roads from memory?
We should walk and bike more to get to know our cities better.
All citizens can participate in reducing emissions and bad pollution.

: get in the game!

Citizens could be much more involved in their neighborhood activities; they can initiate projects (street lighting, water recycling, etc.). The best point of this is that it can help to improve safety in cities. So knock on your neighbor’s door and get started!
Citizens have key roles to play in city development by knowing each other, helping each other and essentially create value by working together.

Travel and learn: open your mind.

Traveling teaches a lot and helps widen our perspective.
Stop complaining about your cities and find ideas to improve it and make it the way you want it to be! Every citizen should do his own city benchmark and be able to help build new cities.
The most important thing is to believe that change is possible!
When ones lack hope, they have fewer chances of success.
Remember, people shape cities, and cities shape the lives of people.