About safe and smart cities

Valencia’s Approach to Becoming a Smart City

The city of Valencia in Spain has been taking steps towards becoming a smart city in the past few years. Valencia is the third most populous city in Spain with a population of 800,000 inhabitants. Many see Valencia as a role model for how to transition to smart city...

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Panama City’s Smart City Initiatives

Global digital technology is impacting many cities across the world. Panama is one of the smart city pioneers in Latin America. This is important because not only are they the connection between North and South America, but this city also has a 48-mile canal that is a...

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Making a City Safer by Becoming a Smart City

Governments all over the world are committed to making their cities safer for their citizens. Analysts believe that one of the lesser known benefits of creating smart cities is that it will impact the safety of the city. The concept of smart cities has been around for...

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How Santander Became a Smart City

Many cities across the world are aiming to become a smart city. But for the city of Santander in Spain, this is already a reality. This is in large part thanks to the thousands of sensors the government has installed across the city. The aim of these sensors is to...

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Hunting Down Criminals With the Use of Bitcoin

Surveillance techniques and forensic science keep on improving. This makes it more difficult to be a criminal. However, back in 2009 when bitcoin was launched many criminals celebrated this development. The use of the untraceable internet currency made it possible to...

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Securing Smart Cities

The evolution and integration of technologies such as IoT, big data, the cloud, and smart cities transform the way we live and work. However, despite the many benefits, this evolution also brings along challenges. One of the main concerns to be taken into account is...

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