A partnership between two giants of network security


At the end of June, the merger between Gigamon and FireEye became official. Gigamon is the leader in combining security and network operations in order to help organisations reduce complexity and increase efficiency of their security stack. Its next-generation GigaSECURE® network packet broker helps companies to improve the visibility of threats in cloud-based environments, in hybrids and on-site all at the same time, as well as to deploy resources more quickly and to optimise the performance of their security tools.

At the other end, FireEye Inc is the specialist in intelligence-based network security. Nearly 6,600 clients have trusted Nasdaq-listed FireEye’s solutions in 67 nations worldwide. FireEye offers a unique platform that combines innovative security technologies, intelligence capabilities that can detect threats even at a governmental level, and globally renowned Mandiant consulting services.

So, what is behind this partnership and what is the value of this alliance?  The directors’ statements are, of course, positive: “Together we will continue to deliver high-performance pre-integrated solutions which will help our mutual clients to have more confidence and peace of mind in their security policies” noted Ananda Rajagopal, Vice President of Products at Gigamon.


Beyond ideas and the development of the two businesses, what will the merger actually bring about?

4 key benefits for the future of infrastructure security for businesses:

  • Cutting-edge security solutions which offer the highest level of security and network performance without compromising on the availability of connections.
  • Performance, expandability and versatility of complete detection and prevention solutions against threats capable of targeting large-scale business networks.
  • Greater efficiency in threat-detection through improved visibility using SSL decryption and access to traffic on physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructures.
  • Reductions in network outages caused by equipment failure or maintenance works.


We hope – as the two bodies have assured us – that their solutions will serve to help businesses. At the moment, these companies have to make do with limited security tools and, as a result, have been calling for better integration of these systems. “Gigamon and FireEye have built integration partnerships together for many years and the two have noticed the benefits for both their clients and their mutual partners” concluded Rich Stegina, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at FireEye.


“Keep it simple”: The mantra which was coined in the internet’s earliest days holds just as true in the digital security sector today.