Citroën’s Ami One, that awesome car will be introduced in Geneva Motor Show

The Ami 6 was an iconic car from Citroën’s period of crazy economic expansion. In other words, a station wagon and city car in one, A hundred years after the launch of the Citroën brand and 58 years after, it’s now time for the Ami One! A 100% electric version of the comfortable and modern design which the company has been promoting since its inception. This concept illustrates Citroën’s vision of urban freedom as expressed by #LibertyElectriCityMobility: freedom of access, freedom of movement and freedom to show its modernity”, as we see on the Citroën website.


Cars not requiring a driver’s permit are all the rage

Introduced at the Geneva Motor Show, this new concept is, above all, extremely connected and computerized. It’s an urban mobility “object” and no longer a car! This vehicle, designed for people who are disillusioned and disappointed by the automobile. It promises to deliver freedom: freedom of use and respect for the environment in the context of the smart city and connected society. A two-person vehicle whose size is reduced to only what’s necessary (2.5 meters) and, most importantly, can be driven without a permit!


A “temporary” car







This car will be accessible to everyone everywhere. The most surprising thing about this new face of urban mobility is that it is perfectly adapted to our schedules. The experience can last anywhere from five minutes to five years. Since Ami One is available for rent directly from an app downloaded to your smartphone. In exactly the same way you’d rent an electric scooter, you can rent an Ami One to get around, whether for one day or for six months.


An economical and ecological car

The car has a range of 100 kilometers. And it has a lithium battery that can be recharged in two hours on any type of current. It emits virtually zero carbon dioxide, runs silently. And it also offers its own sound identity with an original signature composed by Start-Rec (headed by Alex Jaffray). Ami One is also equipped with GPS and a voice-controlled navigation system. That last option allows its passengers to optimize their time and easily find parking. Practicality and a fluid experience are the keys for better integration with traffic.


Smart and truly inspiring, this new mobile concept for cities of the future is an experimental deep-dive into the digital world for Citröen.  No one will really own these cars, since this new concept of mobility and freedom is rooted in the “sharing economy”.


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