30-minutes delivery concept

Franprix is a major player in the neighbourhood retail market. The brand is subject to intense market pressure, with the widespread adoption of the delivery standards set by Amazon Prime. As far back as 2016, Franprix had entered into an early-stage partnership with Glovo, a Spanish startup founded in Barcelona in 2015. Glovo has now just announced a second, record-breaking funding round, raising €115 million. It should help getting through a period of breathtaking growth in delivery and competing with Deliveroo and Über Eats in Europe.


Monoprix: the leading competitor

Nonetheless, the promise of one-hour-delivery in Paris is no longer a competitive advantage. Indeed, Monoprix has entered into a cooperative arrangement with Amazon. Another substantial factor is the grocer’s new service, Monop’Easy. It provides consumers from an experience similar as Amazon Go. Monoprix involves to avoid queuing at checkouts. As such, consumers expect to shop and receive their deliveries much faster than they do now.


How have Glovo and Franprix developed their joint offering?

The secret is the specific app used by customers and the delivery men in charge of completing orders. These employees play an important role within the startup. Actually, Glovo promises its “independent workers”  “a pleasant working environment, in which [they] will spend time with other people”.

So deliveries are the responsibility of Glovo’s shoppers, a.k.a “glovers”. Due to time wasted during the performance, it is no longer to delivery men to shop on behalf of customers. Despite what Franprix had imagined first. As such, the list of products ordered is put together by in-store staff. Next delivery drivers simply collect the shopping at the planned time. Then, they head to the delivery location specified in the app.


The goal: to optimise the delivery experience

This process will require extremely accurate geolocation and extremely fast communication of information between customer, store, and delivery operator.

While humans are involved, approving each step of the process, the embedded technology will need to be flawlessly reliable. In addition, by recruiting 100 engineers over the coming months, Glovo aims to “optimise [its] platform and offer provide the best service on the market for delivery providers, users, and retailers, thereby becoming the app that sets the standard for the market,” explains Oscar Pierre, one of the company’s founders.

This opinion is shared by Cécile Guillou, Chief Executive Officer of Franprix, who demonstrates her optimism with her comment that “This partnership reinforces our brand’s presence in the home delivery market.”


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