Here Technologies creates a Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence in geolocation

Geolocation is not just a functionality. It’s also a way to supply high-quality and value-added data. So it’s why a historical player in cartography like Here Technologies would announce the creation of a laboratory dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. It was after a great show at the CES in Las Vegas in 2019 that they decided to pursue global expansion. Already a partner to the large German automobile manufacturers (Audi, BMW and Mercedes), the Austrian company employs 500 engineers. And it is now looking to “use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to extract even more value from data”.

A market in perpetual growth

The field of AI is constantly evolving, and evolves each month with new algorithms, new technologies and new ways of processing data. However, when you’re a company like ours, you need to be at the heart of these evolutions in order to integrate it all,” explains Peter Kürnick.

Indeed, the expansion of the connected objects market underscores the importance of localizing objects in their environments. And this particularly concerns the respect to self-driving vehicles. Quality analysis of the data transmitted and collected by our future transportation systems is directly tied to its efficiency. Besides, it also ensures the security of passengers and others. Here offers 3D mapping and even a reconstruction of the world in a digital version.

As such, we can pinpoint all the places in a city with unequalled precision and, as a result, optimize traffic, whether vehicular or otherwise.

Here Technologies plans to invest 25 million euros

This money will be used for the development of a new research institute in Vienna. However, the bulk of the investment lies elsewhere. It will essentially be used for the development of even higher performing algorithms. And to make data available to researchers in a quantity and quality that’s suitable for new developments.

However, most of the investment will be used for recruiting employees from among the best researchers in the field. David Kreil, from BOKU University in Vienna, and Sepp Hochreiter, professor at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, will head up the new research center. He is considered one of the inventors of Deep Learning. 

We’ll have, of course, a lot of exchanges between our employees, the institute and the students, and that will create the “cross-pollination” necessary to incorporate this intelligence into our products“, asserts Petre Kürpick.

Here Technologies’ objectives

Here is recruiting a new team of 30 Artificial Intelligence hyper-specialists. The goal is first to remain competitive in the global race. Secondly, it’s to maintain a leadership position with respect to 3D mapping (which is already accurate to the nearest centimeter).

Instant communication of location between self-driving vehicles remains the economic challenge of our times in addition to the real-time optimization of routes within cities. Human mobility and related products continue to grow while integrating space and resource consumption restraints.

In this sense, Artificial Intelligence will allow for remarkable advances in the upcoming years. And Here, in conjunction with its partners, will be one of the main players!


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