Around 20% deliveries fail

Encouraging retailers to leave parcels at a collection point instead. Online retailers are certainly making progress in this respect, taking more and more steps to specify delivery time slots. But we still need to be at home to receive deliveries. However, the French startup, Fenotek, has identified an opportunity from this flaw. It has created a new solution to the issue: connected controled access!

What might seem an obvious idea still needed to be invented! If your house or apartment had its own system to enable couriers to enter and drop off a parcel, it would give you the ability to monitor it at all times. No need to be there in person anymore! The market is vast, because the frustration caused by a complicated delivery process undermines customer confidents and detracts from the quality of the customer experience – which is known to be the most important factor in determining customer loyalty. “Today, the challenge that we face is to get over the doorstep and/or into the hallway to optimise the delivery process from the very first visit,” explains Bruno Davoine, Fenotek’s CEO.

Hi) – security phone – home

The new generation intercom, cleverly named Hi) features an integrated camera and is connected to the owner’s smartphone. This means that it is able to transmit a picture of the courier who will receive a temporary QRcode, enabling a connected door or gate to be opened once he or she has been recognised. One particularly important aspect of the delivery process is the way in which the door camera takes a photo, which confirms acceptance of the delivery. This photo is in turn transmitted to the supplier. Similarly, the door camera can interact with other home security systems such as security cameras or alarms. Hi) can also play a role in securing the property by detecting suspicious movements, enabling it to trigger an alarm. Our homes are becoming smarter and the deep connections between smart, hyperconnected objects will certainly enhance our protection.

But how does it work?

Hi) is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or via the 4G network. It is equipped with a high-definition camera, and features an optional power adapter to provide it with electrical power, while a doorbell chime is also available as an option. Fenotek’s system is highly promising, thanks to its wide variety of potential applications. Access can also be given to a landscaping system or to cleaners or home maintenance staff, managing access hours for entry and excess. You can also use your smartphone to talk to your visitors and let them know when you will be returning home, whether you’re stuck in traffic or relaxing on holiday on the other side of the world.

Fenotek is also working on facial recognition and gesture recognition to make its secure access solution even more effective. The company is currently testing a proof of concept and plans to bring Hi) to market during 2019.