A secure platform for managing connected objects

Securing our identities has become a necessity in today’s world. Idemia is a world-leading French company in augmented identity with 13,000 employees and 3 billion euros in revenue. Making our everyday lives run smoothly and safely is the company’s mission, whether for financial institutions or airports.

Our identities are no longer simply recorded in a file at the national level or contained in an official document. Today, they’re what unlocks our smartphones, confirms our payments and allows us to pass through security gates, etc.

Centralizing and securing data

CapGemini, on the other hand, is a major player in digital transformation and business support. Its partnership with Idemia aims primarily at the development of a single platform. It reads all connected objects with an extremely high level of access and data security. Electronic data security remains a major issue for businesses.

However, it is as well for all IoT manufacturers. In healthcare, for example, the exchange of vital information offers doctors more flexibility in caring for their patients. Doctors will be able to make better decisions as a result. The use of authenticated and encrypted IoT and access to secure data flows on the platform will help them do so.

Is collaboration between Idemia and CapGemini really necessary?

Idemia includes Artificial Intelligence, biometrics and cryptometry in its technical expertise. As a result, the company offers the best guarantee of secured access.

On the other hand, the open platform offered by CapGemini is used on an industrial scale. It links connected objects of all kinds in order to centralize data. “Our solutions are complementary in terms of security. CapGemini has cloud expertise, while Idemia has extensive knowledge of physical devices and provides a secure end-to-end chain”, explains Jean-Pierre Petit, Director of Digital Manufacturing for CapGemini.

Idemia shares that enthusiasm. Yves Portalier, Vice President in Charge of IoT Activity states, “We are thrilled to join forces with CapGemini, especially since our areas of expertise are so complementary. Propelled by the M-Trust solution, Idemia brings their proven expertise to CapGemini with the goal of offering new security services to all its customers, whatever their activity.

Why is the M-Trust solution different and more secure?

According to Idemia, M-Trust assigns each object its own identity. It’s completely secured in the system and shared with the server. The object’s authentication is unique and avoids all attempts at cloning. A very high level of encryption guarantees the confidentiality of information exchanged via the object as well as the proper execution of the orders it receives. We can only imagine how critical it is when the object in question is a pacemaker, glucose meter or even a surveillance camera.

Protecting data against attacks and duplication requires a high level of resources. Establishing 100% secure platforms will allow organizations using connected objects to connect and store their data with total confidence and with no risk to end users. It’s this trust which accelerates the discovery of new uses and improves life for everyone.

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