Interview Guillaume Maigre, product and marketing VP at Famoco



I am Guillaume Maigre, product and marketing VP of Famoco. Famoco is a company that was created in 2010, we started to market our terminals in 2013 and today we are a little more than a hundred people and we have sold about 200 000 terminals, with more than 60% of the market internationally.


SSC : Is mobility a source of business?

GM : Yes of course mobility is a source of business. We are organised at the level of the sales team in different business units, one of which is dedicated to mobility and transport in the city, with products dedicated to all public transport, ticket validation and in particular, contactless. Then, if we think more broadly about mobility, yes, it’s key in our business. All our products are there to address digital transformation and mobility by equipping sales forces, employees, workers, technicians, etc…


SSC : We talk a lot about Artificial Intelligence, how can we integrate it into mobility?

GM : Artificial intelligence without data collection is nothing! All these beautiful algorithms need to “crunch” the database. And so, I think that we can perceive our mobile solutions as data sensors behind which servers, infrastructures will be able to process them, then define algorithms or improve algorithms of artificial intelligence.


SSC : Can we reconcile hyper mobility and security?

GM : Hyper mobility and security are not at all antithetical. What is complicated is security and flexibility! Mobility is having something connected, and that’s its shortcoming, yes, the connection generates security problems. That’s why at Famoco we tried to address this problem by developing a custom Android that is not the Google Android we know in our smartphones, and especially to ensure the confidentiality of data, the fact that the terminal is used for business use and not open like a smartphone, etc… So, it’s quite possible; you just have to have a good “trade-off” between security and flexibility to be able to easily develop and deploy digital transformation solutions.


SSC : What would be your wish for the next 3 years?

GM : Obviously, that Famoco grows! That we continue on our growth trend. We are at 300% growth over the last 3 years. We will try to keep up the pace. That’s why we have extended our range of terminals and that we are present at this show. We know that digital transformation, and the digital transaction in the broad sense is key and is really developing. At an initial glance, we are going in the right direction, which should focus on the next three years.


SSC : In terms of tools, is there one that makes you dream? And which would make you more mobile?

GM : It is not a tool. The market, from a technical point of view, is migrating to all-mobile and that’s the gamble we took. For the whole consumer field, there are new emerging technologies, which will perhaps allow us to interact more easily with our terminals, I think of digital payment solutions, which are happening everywhere with electronic wallets. We have already positioned ourselves with solutions for major agents of payment, such as WeChat Pay, AliPay, Chinese agents, but the market is also evolving in France with LisPay, Lidia, we are working on VaaS implementations with solutions that supported by Apple. All this makes this market evolve and that’s what I want to see in particular. It will be disruptive for the coming years: the new payment methods.


Thank you, Guillaume !


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