With a partnership with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul IT and Smart City Technologies Inc. (ISBAK), the city of Istanbul started its journey towards integrating smart city technology. With ISBAK, they hope to improve life quality. According to them, the main aim is to increase the quality of life of 15 million Istanbulites living in the city. Furthermore, the city also aims to increase the connection and competition for the 12.5 million visitors to this city.

The Mission of Becoming a Smart City

Istanbul has been placed in the top 25 “brands” of cities in the world. With the journey of becoming a smart city, they hope to increase the city’s brand value. Furthermore, this journey should also bring a distinction of Istanbul among the other cities. During this journey, the city will cover a wide range of aspects within the city. In fact, it will include transportation, energy, security, social services, and environmentalism.

The rapid urbanization being experienced in Turkey is forcing the country to make a quicker move towards the smart city ecosystem. The Turkey Informatics Association (TBV) has started the Turkey Smart Cities Strategy Initiative. They hope this will serve as a reference to all organizations that deal with the smart cities’ phenomenon.

Istanbul Mega Airport Project

In  2015, the city of Istanbul started to build the Istanbul New Airport. This is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the entire history of the country. The airport is being built with the purpose of becoming one of the largest airports in the world and the biggest transfer hub in Europe.

Furthermore, with the building of the Istanbul New Airport, the city is aiming to become a great arrival point, and good transfer hub. There are of course security concerns, but they hope to address these plus offer passengers with unique experiences.

Smart Security Concept

This large airport is expected to receive 3.5 billion people during the first 25 years of the existence of the airport. This involves the needs of many security measures. For this reason, the CEO Hüseyin Keskin explained that they have opted for other solutions instead of installing giant and alarming check systems. Instead, the Istanbul New Airport will make use of smart security units. This enables the possibility to scan people in groups plus monitor suspicious or dangerous faces. In fact, this will all be monitored from the designated centers at the airport.

In addition to better security measures, this also creates a speedy passenger flow. Furthermore, this links perfectly to the improved experience that the ¨Smart City Istanbul¨ project is aiming to give its residents and visitors. The Istanbul New Airport is interrelated in the city’s journey to become both a smart city and a safer city.