Klaxoon, the solution that revolutionises your meetings!


Klaxoon is a solution developed over the past three years to revolutionise company meetings. The Klaxoon solution, designed as a suite of applications, aims to energise and restore creativity and the desire to participate in all those taking part in a collaborative meeting. Whether it is a brainstorming session around a product launch or a meeting to review business strategy or to evaluate areas for improvement in the customer experience, all employees must be able to express themselves and contribute positively to the debates without everything taking hours.


A solution for organizing meetings

Everyone’s increased mobility leads to complications for the meeting organiser and usually results in deeply boring and possibly unread reports. Klaxoon claims to avoid this for those organisations that use its solution. Seeing companies like Siemens, Accor, Sodexho, Allianz and Canal + adopt this new vision, we seem to be on the way to a real “meeting” revolution.


Mobility is a quality today for companies, which increasingly have teams distributed over several geographical sites, sometimes in several countries, and which develop home offices or flexi-offices, for employees who no longer have a fixed work location. Teams face mobility on a daily basis in their organisations“, says Marie, an evangelist at Klaxoon, whom we met at the Mobility for Business exhibition in Paris.


Meetings, alas, have changed little since the 80s and France, in particular, seems to be stuck in a system that is not very motivating and extremely time-consuming. Technology and the use of the smartphone as an indispensable mobility tool is changing the established order. Indeed, Klaxoon allows everyone to be connected to the meeting, from wherever they are, and to access in real time all the content used for the meeting. Better still, they can interact via surveys, send feedback and express their opinions at any time. The reactions of each person are thus shared and instantly visible to each participant in the meeting.


Farewell Powerpoint

Getting away from weary old PowerPoint is a real management objective.

Today, we still put much pressure on the host of the meeting, who is expected to arrive with a beautiful presentation, but also on the audience, which we make completely passive by reducing it to the role of the spectator“, adds Marie.

To be smart in meetings, it is no longer a question of getting there with presentations, but of putting questions back at the heart of the meeting and generating collective answers; the only real objective of the meeting”.


Klaxoon for diversity in teams

Klaxoon breathes fresher air into the process and is more open to the diversity and complementarity of teams, improving performance and reaction time. Inspired by the methods dear to start-ups, this French start-up attracts the world of those mature companies, and even large groups, most affected by “meeting-itis”.

At Klaxoon, we have worked with agile methods, precisely to give agility to our offers. We wanted to make them simpler and easier to use for the employees of any company“, concludes Marie.


Giving back vitality to exchanges between teams is necessarily a better way of responding to the constant changes in the economic world and demonstrating greater mobility. Klaxoon is present in 120 countries and has just raised $50 million to expand and, in addition to the award received at the Mobility for Business show (where we met them!), to recruit around 100 new talents to strengthen its teams. Technology will thus be able to help us work better collectively and give us back the taste for teamwork!


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