Logistics: Geek+, picking i.e., robots and drones: these developments will change  e-commerce

Of Robots and Men

There is no longer any scope to deny the massive impact that robots have had in the industrial world. Instead, current debate focuses on the way we can imagine people and robots working intelligently together. Geek+, has an answer. It is a start-up that focuses on picking, i.e. (preparing orders from warehouses).  The robotisation of the supply chain is in full swing. So, it is not surprising that this up-and-coming Chinese startup, based in Beijing, has just raised $150 million to continue its growth.



Who are their customers ?

Founded in 2015, the company wants to become a leader in the logistics revolution brought about by the use of AI. Furthermore, it has already delivered over 5,000 robots to around one hundred warehouses across the entire globe.

First of all China, United States (where Amazon still sets the standards for the industry), Singapore, Japan, and Australia, then e-commerce, automotive and pharmaceutical industries are already using Geek+’s robots. The company touts four core values :

  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy
  • Reliability
  • Agility

These are essential values in a world where 24×7 operations are the new standard.

Man, replaced by robots ?

Nonetheless, the most remarkable aspect of this new system of logistics is the alliance of man and machine. Humans used to roam the aisles of these vast hangars, looking for a particular product code. Nowadays, robots contain storage cabinet to humans whose task is to check the order. As soon as the desired product is picked up by a human hand, the robot leaves and puts the container back in the right position, ready to repeat the process for a next item. This saves time all round. But above all, it largely increases humans’ productivity. Geek+ still has to organise its fleet of robots. And so far for humans and orders’ place!


Let’s hope this new funding round will increase the pace of research. Thereby it will improve the efficiency of robotised picking systems even further.  Finally, the way orders are pouring into the warehouses, it seems that robots have a bright future ahead of them!


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