Meet Place, the new life App for pros which concentrates all your discussions


Place allows its customers to reduce the use of internal emails by 80%, which represents a significant time saving for companies. Place is, in fact, a professional chat tool that combines the functionalities of a classic chat with video calls and document storage.

Creating one or more Places for your company means facilitating conversations and adding value to togetherness and mobility. Because today:

there are occupations that require you to be on the move all the time, and the classic pattern is to connect in the evening in your hotel and send an email to headquarters via your computer, while you can and would like to have real-time communication,” explains Roxanne Julien, at the Mobility for Business exhibition in Paris. However, the same applies to start-ups, movers-and-shakers and other freelancers, who are constantly on the move.


Technology at the service of professionals

Once again, technology is helping professionals, and even if their habits do change, it must offer a smooth change, not a revolution. In any case, this is the philosophy behind Place, which does not eliminate emails and yet allows you to continue to communicate through conversations in chat mode via this channel. Moreover, professional mobility must not interfere with personal life. Place makes it possible to keep a distance and clearly identify the topics of conversation.


The company is French, defends civic values, such as data compliance in accordance with the GDPR, and uses secure and carbon-neutral data centres. No data is used externally or resold, guaranteeing its customers complete security in the protection of discussions internally or with the outside world. In other words, Place is a B Corporation certified company: a company that wants to be better for the world, and not necessarily “the best in the world”.


But then, could we call Place a Smart enterprise?


It is easier to talk to each other; especially when you know that there are not going to be 15 people reading the email and engaging in critical analysis. We create more fluid conversations. The tone is more informal, and everyone communicates in a more human, truthful and ultimately more effective way“,

confirms Roxanne Julien. At a time when technology is often associated with the automation of tasks and the arrival of robots in all occupations, this should reassure defenders of a more human vision of the world of work. Hyper-mobility does not necessarily go together with hyper-connectivity. On the contrary, the idea of Place‘s founder is that you can be connected everywhere but that employees can also keep some time when they are disconnected. Thus, agility is probably more important than mobility.

Today we have a very BtoB target, but we are also moving towards BtoC because the boundary between the pro and the person is fading more and more, and requires, for many, the ability to answer with their professional hat on one minute and then to switch to their personal hat the next“, adds Roxanne Julien in conclusion.


Will the mobile human still be able to demonstrate their agile intelligence?