imagenes-articulos-08pngLast spring, the southern Spanish city of Murcia requested 8 million euros in Madrid for a smart city initiative called MiMurcia. They recently received the full funding. Murcia now has an agreement with Spain’s industry minister to develop a smart city platform that will get personalised information to local citizens depending on the time and place.

The aim for MiMurcia is to help the city council be as open, interconnected and agile as possible so that they better serve the half million citizens of Murcia. The platform could take shape in many ways – from helping people find parking on a mobile app, to an alert system about cultural activities, better lighting systems, improved waste management and it could even informing people about deadlines for taxes.

It’s an exciting project for Murcia and for smart cities in general. The city and ICT development agency are allocating funds plus it is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The University of Murcia and all municipal services have been involved in the planning processes as well. To get these smart city initiatives like this off the ground it takes teamwork.

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