Forewarn is a relatively new mobile app that aims to deter crimes against real estate agents. Agents can enter their potential client’s phone number and get an instant background check. The app claims that they can look into about 80 percent of callers and check into criminal history, car/home ownership, whether they have filed for bankruptcy, etc. The app is only available to licensed agents. It will help them vet people before meeting them since every time they schedule a blind meeting at an empty house, there is a risk involved. Many use a phone locator feature just in case and apps like this add more preventative measures in a field that has grown increasingly risky.

Apps are becoming a more prevalent way to fight crime. This kind of background check could be applied to other industries as well for vetting people before a meeting. While an app like this does help with safety, privacy concerns can be an issue here as well. How much info about ourselves do we really want to be at the fingertips of others? Is knowing about a potential client’s car ownership really all that helpful for the real estate agents safety? At least with this app, it can only be used by licensed realtors.

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