About safe and smart cities

Free app to find safe places in the UK

Launched in the fall of 2017, the app is aimed at supporting people with learning disabilities find safe places in cities. A few players in the city of Nottingham helped launch the app, which is part of a larger network of cities and towns with safe places listed on...

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App helping real-estate agents stay safe

Forewarn is a relatively new mobile app that aims to deter crimes against real estate agents. Agents can enter their potential client's phone number and get an instant background check. The app claims that they can look into about 80 percent of callers and check into...

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Tokyo named safest city in the world

In the Economist's latest report on city safety, Safe Cities Index 2017, Tokyo has claimed the top spot. Covering 60 cities, the Economist ranks cities on a number of issues crucial for keeping citizens safe. Part of Tokyo's landing in the top spot may have to do with...

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Waze’s Real-Time Emergency Service Alerts

Drivers and passengers can now get incident locations and warnings when firefighterss, police, and EMS are on the scene and reroute their trip. Waze, the France-based navigation company has partnered with HAAS Alert to offer this service to their application's users....

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Ford Launches “Smart Benches” for Cities

In London and your battery or data ran out? Not to worry, Ford's smart benches are there to help. There have recently been some solar powered trees in France launched as charging and WiFi stations and now Ford is getting in on the smart city charging station action as...

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Valencia’s Approach to Becoming a Smart City

The city of Valencia in Spain has been taking steps towards becoming a smart city in the past few years. Valencia is the third most populous city in Spain with a population of 800,000 inhabitants. Many see Valencia as a role model for how to transition to smart city...

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