Nokia and SRG just agreed on a collaboration with the Government of Rwanda to deploy smart city technology. The aim of this collaboration is to improve the lifestyles and social sustainability of the citizens of the country.

Smart City Technology Use in Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the smallest countries located on the African mainland. The country is located in Central and East Africa and has a population of around 11.6 million. During 10th-12th May, the city of Kigali was the host of the Transform Africa Summit 2017. The Transform Africa Summit was an initiative of seven African Heads of States that have committed to provide leadership in accelerating socio-economic development with the use of IT.

During the last Transform Africa Summit, the Government of Rwanda, Nokia and SRG have announced that they would collaborate with each other. This collaboration is aimed to transform the country. Furthermore, the Government of Rwanda aims to improve the lifestyles and social Sustainability of the country’s citizens with this collaboration. As part of this smart city project, the Government of Rwanda will invest in network connectivity and sensor deployment. Furthermore, this will serve to improve local citizen’s public safety, waste management, utility applications, healthcare and many more purposes. This will help the country to achieve an IoT smart city and progress in their smart city journey.

As said by Mohamed Abdelrehim, Head of Solutions and Business Development for Nokia in the Middle East and Africa Market.

¨As the strategic technical partner, we are proud to be associated with a progressive project that will enhance the digital economy for African countries, It is projects of this nature, supported and driven by government, that will make a real difference in enhancing people’s lives, creating jobs and improving economies – in this case, the economy of Rwanda.¨

Rwanda as a Technology Hub

The collaboration of the Government of Rwanda with Nokia and SRG is also a step towards the main aim of the country. The country is developing quickly, with an annual GDP growth averaged around 8% between 2001 and 2015. The Government of Rwanda has been investing this back in projects as Kigali Innovation City, which houses innovation labs and provides funding for technology companies.

As said by Jean Philbert Nsengimana, Minister of Youth and ICT:

¨It is our vision as a country to position Rwanda as a Technology Hub, by using ICT innovation to provide a better quality of life to our citizens and visitors. Rwanda is a pioneer in deploying Smart City Solution in Africa. Through this project, we will not only improve people’s day to day lives with improved services and security, but we do anticipate long-term positive socio-economic benefits for the people in Rwanda and we also plan to share our experience with many other countries in Africa.¨

The Government of Rwanda is taking main steps in implementing smart city technology. Obviously, this collaboration shows the interest of the country’s government to keep its growth in this area and develop Rwanda as a technology hub. However, we have to keep in mind that it might still take a while until the country can introduce a fully functional smart city. Hence, it must be said that the country is making significant steps and can be seen as a pioneer in Africa.