Ensuring security via portable devices: the WaryMe experience

Security through our mobile

Alerting people where they live when there is a threat is an absolute necessity in this day and age that is marked by accidents or frightening attacks. But who gives the alert and how is it channeled locally to everyone it concerns? Even more to the point, how can we avoid creating a general panic in areas where the risk is zero because they are too far from the real threat?

Security : an agile testing

A young company from Rennes is trying to meet this challenge and is currently testing its solution. Nearly 2,000 people gathered each day on a 17-hectare campus to participate in the evaluation and improvement of an app created by WaryMe. Numerous instances of danger have served to test populations and validate the effectiveness of the system.

What is the basis behind this?

On one hand, people must be connected to an app, and on the other hand, it is essential to be able to geolocate them precisely on the “premises” or on a detailed map of secure establishments. Everyone can, via this app, raise the alert by instantly indicating their position. For example, an intrusion into building A of the company will be reported first to decision-makers, including the safety officer, then, if necessary and on their own initiative, reported to all staff in the vicinity of the declarant. This crisis management system is based on a hyper-simplified alert trigger since a simple press of a button or even shaking the smartphone is enough. Note that the declarant is identified for the entire community present on the premises and connected to the application.

“In the event of a threat, our solution makes it possible to prevent and quickly provide information both inside and outside,” explains Boris Berger, one of the co-founders.

“We wanted to return to the field (they were both engineers in major French industrial organizations) to meet the needs of businesses. The security sector is in turmoil, the boundaries between public security and private security are moving.”

“And most importantly, technology has progressed tremendously. The latest generation of mobile phones now allows you to imagine easy-to-use security solutions.”

WaryMe also allows you to record the ambient noises, and, by extension, the conversations around the alert trigger(s). Other avenues for improvement are under consideration, and the young company has just joined the Plant 4.0 incubator as well as Generate, the fifth class of the Gicat innovation program (the grouping of the defense industry plus the land and air-land security industry)

Obviously, this technological choice does not apply to all environments and can not deal with wider public security issues (beyond the strict confines of a campus or corporate site). It also asks the competent authority to evaluate the nature of the alert and its diffusion. However, keep in mind that the most frequently used communication tool can be used as a method of preventing certain dangers and that we will probably no longer be able to imagine safety without the geolocation of people. To be continued…


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