07-event-in-france-on-smart-cities-01The Smart Grid and Smart City Lounge event starts today, November 8th, next to Porte de Versailles in Paris.Many civil servants will be in attendance, looking for ways to make places more smart, sustainable and connected. Sustainable management of urban energy is crucial and this event should help government officials assess the smart grid technologies in France. 

One of the major discussion points will be hydro, wind, solar power, etc. replacing fossil fuels and what tools are needed to help make that transition possible. There have been a number energy related tools in France gaining traction. One of the major ones including smart meters and connected objects in homes. The smart meters can help with energy efficiency through better knowledge and active guidance on consumption.

Beyond in-home projects, many cities are working on smart grid projects including Paris, Lyon and Toulouse. One city, Chartres (Eure-et-Loir), is working on a smart city project for public lighting, parking management and waste management. The national government in France is encouraging growth in the smart grid sector – projects from detecting water, heat leaks and proposing new energy sources. It’s time for local governments, like the one in Chartres, to invest in smart grids too.