France has made a lot of progress when it comes to the use of smart city technology. Currently, there are many different ongoing smart city projects in different cities in France. The City of Never is following up with the trend and introducing the use of a solar-powered eTree.

Solar-Powered eTree

The eTree was created by Israeli entrepreneur Michael Lasry and designed by Israeli artist Yoav Ben Dov. The solar-powered eTree was ¨planted¨ in the French town of Nevers in Northern France. This town has a population of 37,000 people that can now enjoy this new smart city project. The solar-powered eTree allows people to charge their mobile devices whiles enjoying the shade. Furthermore, people can also enjoy free Wifi whiles they are waiting for their phone to charge.

The solar powered eTree design was inspired in the acacia of the Israeli desert. The futuristic construction of the tree with photovoltaic foliage, allows users to recharge their mobile devices, surf the internet, recharge their electric bikes, distribute fresh water or to light up at night. Besides offering people the opportunity to charge their devices, the tree also powers a water cooler and delivers water to a trough for pets. During the day, the tree provides people with shade and at night the ¨leaves¨ illuminate the area below the tree.

Whereas the solar powered tree can never replace the shade and air cleansing quality of a natural glenn, it provides the opportunity to communicate a message to the community. This can be done with the use of an interactive LCD display built into the trunk. Due to this feature, the tree provides free wifi and docking stations for charging mobile devices.


With the introduction of this smart city project, the city of Nevers is enabling its citizens to have a central connection to Wifi. This can be seen as a step of the local government of this city to implement the use of smart city technology. As seen in the city of Barcelona, the use of WiFi can function as the foundation for the creation of a smart city. Furthermore, the local government is also taking advantage of solar energy to provide citizens and tourists with an extra service as they are able to charge their mobile devices while outside.