Suez researches and develops environmentally friendly IoT solutions

Pierre Andrade, Director of Digital for Suez France, answered a recent interview in L’Usine Digitale magazine. He discussed his belief in the development of connected objects and the arrival of the Smart City.

Suez is a global player in the distribution and treatment of water, and is naturally involved in the optimization of this resource, even if the “Cassandras” predict its increasing scarcity on our planet in the near future.

Suez: a connected company

Today, this industrial company deploys its connected meters, ON’connect, which offer communities the best possible benefits. The group announced in a press release on January 31, 2019, to have already crossed the threshold of 4 million connected meters installed (with 2.3 million of those being in France). Additionally, Suez has launched two applications: ON’connect™ Tourism and ON’connect™ Generation. They use data gathered by the meters to better analyze and support the activities of a city’s inhabitants.


Data is the key

As such, for example, Biarritz will gain the ability to adjust garbage and waste collection according to occupancy rates of dwellings during periods of high traffic. The city will also be able to monitor daily bathing habits for the elderly or for people with Alzheimer’s disease, using censors which instantly display water consumption. This project is currently being tested in Nice. As Pierre Andrade explains, “Originally, these smart meters were simply used to detect leaks, improve the customer experience and introduce real-time invoicing, but they ended up leading us to rethink how we use the data.”


An ecological slant on innovation

Other applications will undoubtedly be developed next and will follow the general digital direction that the group has chosen. ON’connect™ Coach is the latest example. This application is targeted to individuals, and allows them to continually improve the management of their hot and cold water consumption.

In test phase in Valenciennes and Dunkerque, ON’connect™ Coach dispenses advice and consumption comparisons with nearby households. Additionally, it ensures follow-up and handles the distribution of water consumption according to use (clean hot water, watering, leaks, etc.).

ON’connect™ coach is a brand new solution for managing water consumption in the home. This total solution from our ON’connect™ product line relies on digital to bring new services to communities and users, and together helps build a sustainable city“, states Marie-Ange Debon, DGA Group, France, Italy & Central Europe.


Goal: zero waste

Regarding IoT, Suez doesn’t stop at domestic use or water consumption. The use of meters is also effective for detecting the fill rates of waste containers for cardboard or glass. Municipalities use them to facilitate the sorting and recycling of trash. Pierre Andrade recalls that “Management of drinking water and sanitation networks is a key element of our current IoT work. Our Aquadvanced Quality Monitoring allows us, for example, to monitor drinking water quality in distribution networks in real time. It measures several criteria for monitoring the physical-chemical composition of water and adjusts chlorine levels.”


There are many more uses for connected objects that are yet to come for better managing resources and cities. Suez is investing in the research and development of new solutions, especially for anticipating rainwater overflows. The goal is to avoid the construction of additional retention ponds in the Paris region. 

Suez and other large companies have the power to bring innovations from the digital world to our cities. Their commitment is necessary for better managing our activities and resources in order to secure a sustainable future for upcoming generations living in Smart Cities.


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