Barcelona is an example of a European city that has embraced the use of technology. This city has made efficient use of technology in their journey to become a smart city. Smart City Barcelona has been working on many areas to improve the city and making it a smart city.

Smart City Barcelona

We have previously written about the city and their foundation for a smart city. The foundation of this city is built on the use of Wi-Fi as discussed in a previous article. 

Therefore, the city‚Äôs government is expanding the access of Wi-Fi in the city does not come as a surprise. The city has expanded their citywide Wi-Fi connection and added the accessibility to Wi-Fi to the bus network, introducing the concept of a ¬®Tech Bus¬® to the Barcelona’s Smart City strategy. The city‚Äôs bus transport company¬†Transportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona (TMB) together with Aptilo Networks have made free Wi-fi available for people traveling by bus.

Every Bus in Barcelona Will Be a Tech Bus With Wi-Fi

The city of Barcelona has to deal with 1.6 million regular citizens and the city’s 7.5 million annual tourists. This is something that can create bandwidth issues, especially during peak hours. Furthermore, the city also has a speed limit of 256 Kb/s at outdoor locations. This comes due to government regulations. In fact, this regulation is meant to ensure that the implementation of Wi-Fi does not alter the private marketplace. However, even with this limit of speed, the Barcelona City Council websites can always be accessed at unlimited speeds. Moreover, the user can also access unlimitedly to the website of museums and libraries.

Wi-Fi Access

Bus users are now able to access free Wi-Fi in the city’s entire fleet of 1,003 buses. According to the First Lieutenant of Barcelona City Hall, Gerardo Pisarello the main aim of this service is to provide every citizen with the basic right to access the internet. The introduction of Wi-Fi on the bus in the city of Barcelona is putting the city to one of the most important public Wi-Fi networks of Europe.

Bus users can have a good access to apps as Whatsapp, however, the Wi-Fi is not suitable for Youtube or to download music. Therefore, it can be said that the Wi-Fi connection in the TMB buses covers the basic use. Bus users can navigate on the internet, send and receive emails and make use of WhatsApp.

By providing citizens and visitors the access of Wi-Fi in buses, the city of Barcelona is upgrading their smart city status. In fact, it can be said that the local government is creating a city of the future. Citizens and visitors are now able to be connected to the internet in various locations. They can make use of Wi-Fi at the different access points across the city and now also during their bus trip.