05-smart-city-trash-projectFrance currently does not rank well with recycling. In fact, the country is close to the worst recycling rates in continental Europe. Uzer plans to address this with their new smart trash bin, Eugene. They designed these trash bins for inside homes to have a barcode scanner. With that scanner, people should be able to know if a piece of trash can be recycled. It can even break the product into parts – so if a cardboard container is recyclable, but the styrofoam top is not, it will let users know.

It can also track what you have thrown away and suggest items for your shopping list on an app. You can even have these items sent directly to an online order. Uzer hopes that brands will want to offer discounts based on the products their users have consumed. It is still in the prototyping stage, but they hope to launch in French cities in 2017. This could change, but it will likely have a hefty price tag, at €299. They are working on developing just the bar code scanner without the trash can too.

This is yet another tool in the vast array of smart city connected objects. It appears to be more focused on consumers directly than for city government implementations, but that could come later.

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