Drivers and passengers can now get incident locations and warnings when firefighterss, police, and EMS are on the scene and reroute their trip. Waze, the France-based navigation company has partnered with HAAS Alert to offer this service to their application’s users. It will not only keep drivers from avoiding delays but should help increase the safety for first responders as well with drivers more aware of where they are located. Waze’s Connected Citizens Program made this partnership possible. This program helps citizens with data sharing, but it gives municipal leaders a look at real-time road activity to help them make the right decisions.

HAAS alert is “a mobility and smart city data service provider keeping emergency crews, drivers and the public safe through R2V (Responder-to-Vehicle) communication that alerts motorists when emergency responders are in the vicinity or en route to a call”. Their partnership with Waze allows their offering to be used by the world’s largest community of drivers.

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