Will Monaco be a 5G Smart City thanks to Huawei?

The Chinese telecom giant was denied access to Australia, which had some doubts about ethics and especially the loss of inferred sovereignty. So, are we to conclude that Monegasque leaders are less observant or that the race has moved to Europe for the deployment of 5G? Becoming a Smart City is now a strategic orientation and the Principality, which hosts the world’s best yachting exhibition at the Monaco Yacht Show every year at the end of September, could not miss the opportunity. Prince Albert will be proud to test the deployment of this new communication exchange standard this autumn, while other cities are still looking for a reliable solution.

It is a risky gamble for the actors of this partnership, both Huawei and Monaco Telecom, operator under the control of Xavier Niel (owner of Free). Will they be ready?

5G will be a key vector of the growth of the digital economy and the development of the smart city,” said Martin Peronnet, CEO of Monaco Telecom, in a statement.

Huawei has guaranteed availability from mid-2019 while Bouygues Telecom, which has already started testing in Bordeaux, only promises an implementation by the end of 2019.

We can see that impact announcements are a strong means of communication for smart city projects.


But going a little too fast, is it not taking big risks in terms of security?

Let us keep in mind that a smart city is a city in the digital era, which wants to be collaborative, contributive, disruptive and creative (Cf Luc Belot in “From the Smart City to the territory of intelligence“. The goal of a city like Monaco is to build a learning ecosystem that can create value for the users of the system; the city itself but also citizens, traders, etc… In his project presented in 2017, the Princely Government indicated that the first phase would consist in extracting data via applications dedicated to tourism and business tourism, to feed a sufficiently large “data lake”. The next step is to improve the proposed models, to develop new services and applications, to involve more participants and to increase all available data.


Monaco: Smart City or Safe city?

We can see, by discovering the Monegasque project, there is never any question of data security, nor of the way in which it will be exploited in the long term. A subject that is inevitable however, when we are talking about the richest customers on the planet and conceive of transferring their communications via Chinese technology. 5G promises an increase in speed and volumes of communication. Can we say that it will improve hyper connection security?

Becoming a Smart City, however, cannot be done without considering at the same time, the guarantee to become a Safe City!


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